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6 Ways a Tiny Space Can Change Your Life!

6 Ways a Tiny Home can change your life

Feeling the squeeze at home? Adding extra accommodation in the form of a tiny home could be the solution to your space woes. Today’s backyard tiny homes are more stylish and inviting than ever, featuring all the latest mod cons, fashionable colours and finishes, as well as insulation, double glazing and reverse-cycle air conditioning for year-round comfort.

And there’s no shortage of ways you can use this versatile space booster, says Manoj Sukumaran, global business development manager at My Little House, makers of tiny homes. “Accommodation is just one option – we’ve had customers use our cottages as a hairdressing salon, workshop, pool house, dark room, laundry and so much more.”

Here, Sukumaran reveals six of the most practical uses for a tiny house in your backyard.


1. Teen retreat

Sharing a home with teenagers or young adults can be challenging for all concerned. If your older child is desperate for more space and privacy, giving them a bolthole in the backyard ticks every box, giving them a quiet space to sleep, study and hang out with friends – and it can be significantly cheaper than renovating.

A backyard tiny home such as the new Sanctuary ( with delivery available nationwide) offers a generous 27.49 square metres of open-plan space, giving your teen plenty of room for a double bed, a sofa, one or two desks, plus storage.

And there’s no waiting around for time-consuming installation; once your ground is prepared and level, the cottage’s unique fold-out design means three people can set it up in around five hours.

“Sanctuary isn’t just a fast and easy way to create extra, usable space, it allows expanding families to remain together for an affordable price,” says Sukumaran.

To give your older child complete independence, you can even upgrade the cottage with a stylish kitchen and bathroom.

My Little House | Tiny Homes and Granny Flats


2. A quiet home office

For many of us, home is no longer just somewhere to relax, it’s our workspace too. Finding a quiet spot to concentrate and take conference calls without interruptions can be a daily challenge.

Adding a tiny home office to your backyard can be the solution you’re looking for. It gives you a quiet work area and ample room to spread out, store files and folders. Add a comfortable sofa and a stylish table, and you’ve also got somewhere to welcome clients and give one-on-one presentations.


3. Grandparents accommodation

Perhaps the most recognisable use for a tiny home is accommodation for older loved ones who you want to care for close to home.

A backyard tiny granny flat such as the Sanctuary, fitted with a kitchen and bathroom, provides older relatives with comfortable, easy-to-navigate living space and independence, while still keeping them safely close by.

My Little House | Tiny Homes and Granny Flats


4. Hobby Space

Imagine having a space all your own where you can indulge in your favourite pastime, whether it’s working your way through your classic record collection, sewing, practicing a musical instrument, gaming or crafting. Or perhaps you enjoy keeping fit but struggle to find room to spread out your yoga mat, store your gym equipment or find a quiet space to meditate.

Setting up a tiny home in your backyard will give you all the room you need, without infringing on your main living space or having to go to the trouble and expense of renovating. Getting your ‘me time’ has never been easier!


5. Kids’ play room

We all want our kids to enjoy themselves with their friends, but at times the noise and activity levels can really test your patience, particularly if you’re trying to work, cook a meal or carry on a conversation.

A spacious tiny home, like the Sanctuary, in your garden makes a great rumpus room for both younger and older children. Store all their toys in one spot, away from your main living area (hallelujah!), set up a pool table, a table tennis table or that elaborate train set – the options are endless.

If your children are young, it’s a good idea to position the tiny home close enough to your main house so you can keep an eye on their activities, but at a decent enough distance so you’re not disturbed by the noise.

If they’re older, you may want to upgrade the tiny home with a kitchen and bathroom so they can fix a snack or visit the restroom without having to come inside the main house.

More space and independence without breaking the bank – the keys to family harmony!

Or see the full range of tiny homes.

This article was originally published on Houzz.

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