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Maximising your Space: 5 Creative Tiny Home Solutions

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Living in a tiny home can bring challenges because it is just that: tiny! If you’re stuck for ideas on how to make the most of your tiny home or granny flat, then this article is for you.

Making the most of your space requires a combination of creativity and practicality. By embracing our tiny home solutions, you can transform your tiny living quarters into functional and stylish space.

Here are five creative ways to make the most of your tiny home space:


1. Embrace multifunctional furniture

When it comes to making the most of your tiny home space, multifunctional furniture is your best friend. Look for pieces that can serve multiple purposes, such as a sofa bed that doubles as a guest bed, a coffee table that also functions as a storage unit, or a bookshelf that can be used as a room divider. Not only will multifunctional furniture help you save space, but it can also add a stylish and modern touch to your granny flat.

A great option that is essential for any tiny home is to install a Murphy bed (also known as a wall bed). The beds usually fold vertically, so you’ll need to measure from your floor to your ceiling. If your tiny home does have a lower ceiling, then there are horizontal folding Murphy beds to suit your needs too. Make sure the mechanism allows for an easy lifting and lowering experience, such as a piston mechanism. As you will likely need to lower the bed daily, it’s important to invest in a Murphy bed that is easy to use and not too heavy. For more on choosing a Murphy bed, read here.

Space Saving Solutions for your Tiny Home - a collapsible dining table
Source: Target

When it comes to sitting spaces, it would be useful to have a collapsible dining table. It can double as an office desk in the daytime and be rolled away should you need the extra space in your dining room. There are a variety of collapsible dining tables that have chairs included, or have storage space in the centre.


2. Make use of vertical space

Space Saving Solutions for your Tiny home - using vertical space with shelving
Source: Tiny House Talk
Granny Flat Storage Solutions - Over the toilet shelving
Source: Anna White

When space is limited, it’s important to make use of every inch of your tiny home. This means looking beyond just horizontal space and also utilising your vertical space. Over the toilet, you could add a set of shelves and baskets for all your toiletries and day-to-day items. You could also install some simple corner shelves. On the back of the doors, it could be handy to drill some hooks for your towel or bathrobe. Hooks are also a great option to store handbags, shopping bag and belts. Adding extra cabinetry wherever possible would also assist your storage options.

In addition to practical storage solutions, you can also use hanging plants or artwork to add some personality and visual interest to your space. Hanging plants, for example, can be used to create a vertical garden or bring some greenery into your living space. Artwork or decorative items can also be hung on walls to create a focal point or add some colour and texture to the room.


3. Create a designated workspace

Granny Flat Storage Solutions - fold out desk
Source: Living in a Shoe Box
Granny Flat Storage Solutions - designated office space
Source: Trendey

Whether you work from home or just need a quiet space to focus on personal projects, creating a designated workspace in your tiny home is essential. Even if you don’t have a separate room to use as an office, you can still carve out a dedicated space by using a small desk, a comfortable chair, and good lighting. You could add comfortable chairs to your breakfast bar or invest in a great fold out desk. By creating a workspace that’s separate from your living area, you’ll be able to focus and be more productive.


4. Decor that gives the illusion of space

There are a number of decor tips and tricks that can give your tiny house the illusion of space. A great way to make the space feel larger is to include neutral or bright coloured furniture pieces. You can always add personality and colour with cushions, throws and artworks. You can also strategically place mirrors throughout your home to reflect natural light. By placing a mirror in front of one of your windows, it can give the appearance of more natural light. You can also place mirrors in dark spaces, like the bathroom, to give the illusion of space. Try not to obstruct windows with any decor items as this will only close up the space.

An additional way to brighten up your space and add the illusion of space is to add indoor plants. Indoor plants can also improve your air quality and boost your mood. Look for low-maintenance plants that don’t require a lot of space or upkeep, such as succulents, ferns, or spider plants. You can also hang plants from the ceiling or walls to save floor space.


5. Get creative with storage solutions

Source: Tiny Canal Cottage
Source: Pinterest

When you’re living in a small space, storage is key. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for function! Get creative with your storage solutions by using decorative baskets, colourful boxes, or vintage trunks to store your belongings. Make sure that every aspect of your home is optimised such as any permanent benches, underneath beds, inside an ottoman, underneath the couch or anywhere else. There are plenty of coffee tables that have a liftable lid to place extra items. You can also use your walls for storage by installing floating shelves or hanging organisers.

Lastly, part of the appeal of living in a tiny home is the opportunity to live more minimally and be conscious of what items you really need in your home. If you’re an avid coffee drinker, then a coffee machine is a must however, if you only enjoy a brew every now and then, it may not be an appliance you really need to bring with you. Perhaps a microwave is not necessary when you have a stovetop and oven. By reducing the amount of items you bring to your tiny home, you can reduce the amount of time you spend tidying and organising.


Live Big in a Tiny Home

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